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Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Red Jasper



Red Jasper ~ Supreme Nurturer



    Red Jasper also known as the Supreme Nurturer is the stone of the earth. Red Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones that had been used for thousands of years. It has been highly regarded in ancient Egypt, Babylon and was worn by the pharaohs  kings and priests. It was mentioned in the bible as the gift of God, also as one of the stones in the breastplate of Aaron. The Native Americans revered Red Jasper and considered it the ultimate grounding and healing stone. Red Jasper is a powerful healing Earth stone known for replenishing energy, giving courage and confidence for those that wear it.   It works very well when it is on your body, so by wearing it as a jewelry or simply placing the stone on your root chakra is very beneficial. Meditating with Red Jasper can bring insights and answers. 




Red Jasper

“Strength courage, alignment, balances inner and outer self  healing, cleansing, weight loss and youthfulness.” Red Jasper



Keywords: Protection, Grounding, Balance, Energy, Courage, Healing, Dreams, Abundance


Red Jasper is also know as the Warrior Stone because of its solid physical structure represents its power for inner strength, and for standing strong at times when faced with external chaos. An excellent gemstones for protection against electromagnetic pollution and radiation from electronic devices, by neutralizing dense low vibrational energy.  It is also extremely detoxifying gemstones. This is an excellent stone for someone seeking to manifest love and wealth. Working with Red Jasper will build the will character and determination needed for the day to day grind of living a successful life. The more you work with Red Jasper, the more it will unblock the negative self sabotage programs that is undermining our dreams from manifesting. 




  • Excellent stone for tranquility and peace
  • Grounds a person to the Earth energies
  • Balances the root chakra
  • Attracts abundance as it is an Earth element
  • Spiritual shied, used for protection negative spells.
  • Excellent stone to put under pillow before sleep to recall dreams.
  • Provides protection and grounds energies of the body.
  • Absorbs and transmutes negative energy.
  • Balances positive and negative energies.
  • Eliminates electromagnetic and environmental pollution, and radiation.
  • Builds will power, courage and determination.
  • Builds character, and aids in developing organizational abilities.
  • Stimulates imagination and transforms ideas into action.



Zodiac Sign:


Red Jasper is the birthstone for the astrological Sun sign of Virgo or Scorpio.




Red Jasper is associated with the 1st or Root chakra.

Feng Shui:


 Red Jasper is a very warm, nourishing and protection earth stone. Red Jasper may be placed in the southwest corner of your home for attracting love or working out marriage issues. Red Jasper may be placed also in the center of the home.

Cleanse & Activate:


Red jasper should be buried in the ground over night. Then it should be soaked in sea salt and distilled/alkaline water. Recharge the gemstones by passing through the flame of a red candle. Afterwards, they need to be activated in a meditation. Placing the crystals in your left hand and reflecting, invoke the power and attributes of Red Jasper you wish to summon into your life.


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