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Abundance and Prosperity

Prosperity and Abundance

Abundance and Prosperity

 Abundance and Prosperity ~ 5-D Rich



There has been a lot of ruckus about the planetary shifts that took place in Dec 21 2012; the Mayan calendar predicted that we shifted from the Age of Pisces (Jesus=Fish), to the Age of Aquarius aka Age of Information/Enlightenment. Whether or not you are in tuned with this, something happened. You can feel it. Time has changed, You must change. You must accept and embrace your natural state, which is that of abundance and prosperity. In this Age of Information and Enlightenment, life challenges you to live in harmony with universal order and nature. You do not have to kill in order to live. You are free and abundant. You do not have to labor, you manufacture. You have the capacity to create energy. Laboring is the backwards old ways of doing things. We were all meant to have everything we need, “ask and you shall receive.” Do you really want to manifest your desire? Do you really want to live the life of your dreams? Or are you just talking, just catching the breeze? Do you REALLY want it? Do you think that the old ways of doing things has served for you? Do you want to know where the real power lies? The proof is right there in your face………..



Prosperity and abundance crystals

“Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly, unsuccessful people make their decisions slowly and change their mind quickly” ~Andy Andrews

 Wealth , Prosperity and Money Art and Science of attracting/integrating/activating money; currency energy, into the fiber of your being.



Crystals and gemstones have been used during all periods of ancient civilizations exclusively by the powerful elite, nobility and royalty. They have used them to show their power status, to perform ritual ceremonies, adornments and for many other functions. Most importantly, the wealthy used crystals and gemstones in order to work with and be in alignment with the currency energies or what we call money today.  Abundance, prosperity and wealth symbolizes gaya, mother nature. You see it when you go the farmers market, different shades of colors of fruits and vegetables. Planet Earth provides via the universal source of that is, the universe is here to serve your needs for you to be happy. What is abundance, wealth and prosperity to you? Is it having money? Or a fulfilling relationship, satisfying work, health, mansion? What is it? The Prosperity and Abundance Kit contains powerful crystals that will open the door of your opportunity, your inner hidden treasure. Only you know what you truly want or desire, you know exactly what you want, you just have to ask for it. With strong intent, these crystals will amplify and charge your intent. The crystals carry the exact energy vibrations you need for the specific area in your life that needs some help. Prosperity is the most desirable ideal for any young person, why are they not achieving if it is your divine birthright?

Using the powers of crystals to empower your own intention will give you the same power the elites hid from you. Or you hid from yourself. But the power was in your hands all along. It is in your intention, and working with the earth elements and energy, while using crystals as your tool. This is what the elites did not teach you, because someone had to do all the masters chores. But are you tired of imprisoning yourself? It is SELF IMPRISONMENT, from your own mind. This is nothing but an indication of imbalance in the root chakra, and the lower chakras. A person must have balanced lower chakras in order to manifest wealth, prosperity and money. These crystals will help you clear out the negative thinking pattern that is blocking you from taking advantage of opportunities. For example, in one occasion I asked a friend that is an aspiring rapper to come perform in front of 700 children for charity, this is a great chance for him to promote himself. But you should have heard all the excuses he made that stemmed from fear based, or lack of worthiness. Deep down it is ingrained in his mind that he does not deserve to be wealthy and prosperous. So he was unconsciously blocking opportunities for his success, without even realizing it.  Who knows this could have been his breakout chance, but he surely missed it.




“Nature is capable of giving you all desires without losing anything itself. Scarcity is not real, it only appears where we chose to see it. Abundance, Prosperity and mindful Wealth are your birthright.”


The Prosperity and Abundance Kit is created by The Best of Creation, using the best specific crystals that work together in combination to attract your dreams directly to you effortlessly. The Prosperity and Abundance Kit come with instructions on how to use the crystals, set up your money/abundance altar based on the science of Feng Shui. These crystals will literally re-wire your thinking. You are not wealthy right now simply because unconsciously you do not believe that you are worthy. These crystals will re-wire your this negative thought by constantly reminding you to maintain your focus and goals until they manifest. As you work with the crystals more and more, you will begin to act abundant, you will have more and share more. This is what creates wealth, you begin to receive financial and spiritual abundance from the universe. You start attracting synchronicity in business opportunities, success, motivation and energy to build the wealth you desire. The energies in the gemstones will align, balance and integrate your energy fields, this is when you remove self doubts and re-establish your self worth.



Prosperity and Abundance Kit:



Red Carnelian Red Carnelian – Promotes focus and courage to stand up to the challenges of grinding. Good for developing high self esteem and self worth. Excellent stone for all business oriented individuals.    



Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine – Crystal for balancing the heart chakra. healthy heart is needed for prosperity, making space for positive feelings of expecting the best to happen, more room for miracles. Enhances creativity, decisiveness and amplifies ones leadership qualities. 

There may be other issues such as lack of trust and doubt. Working with the heart chakra is useful in these situations to open your heart to accept that you truly deserve abundance.




Amethyst –  Sobriety stone, develops spiritual discipline needed to manifest wealth.  Excellent protective stone during business ventures.


Tigers Eye

Tiger’s Eye –   This is the stone that will light the fire under you, it is for motivation, manifestation of energy creation process. This is the stone for patience. Timing and deciding when to execute certain steps in your creation process. Tiger’s eye color gold in this stone represents the ability to manifest; while the dark brown corresponds to the energies of the earth. Thus, this stone teaches you the ability to leap at the right moment, this is the lesson of the Tiger’s eye.




Citrine –  Stone represents the color orange, the earth element,  the energies of manifestation, prosperity, abundance, and success. This stone is known as the merchant stone, it attract prosperity by living up to your highest ideals. This is the secret wealthy business moguls use, it is the secret stone of wealth.



Moonstone   Moonstone – Moonstone holds the energy of the moon, and the moon is associated with money currency (energy). The moon is know as symbol to attract money so it is flowing in abundantly. 


Clear Quartz

Clear QuartzClear Quartz is a multipurpose crystal. It is used mainly for its amplifying effects. Good for protection and healing. Clear Quartz balances and harmonizes the entire body. Healer of negativity. Enhance other crystal’s specific healing attributes


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