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Henna (Natural Cosmetic Hair Dye/Body Art/Tatoos)



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Henna –   It has been recorded in various historical texts to have been used for thousands of years, some say over 9000 years old. Henna has been known since antiquity to have healing powers and also has been widely used for its medicinal properties. Henna, in the Bible was referred to as “Camphire,” and was mentioned in the Song of Solomon, as well as in the Talmud. Henna flowers in the ancient text was used extensively as a metaphor for forgiveness. In modern day, henna is associated with human regeneration, sexuality and love.



Henna can be used for both medicinal purposes, hair restoration, body art, and hair or skin dye. Henna has been used for making beautiful temporary tattoos, this is very safe even for the youth. Henna is a wonderful alternative for dying your original hair color, without the need of using harmful and toxic chemicals.  






Henna Have Been Used For:


  • Treating skin diseases, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Natural Sunbloc.
  • Treats headaches, stomach pains, wounds, and cuts.
  • Revitalizes, restores skin, shiny/silky smooth.
  • Revitalizes, restores, strengthens scalp, hair, shiny, and healthy looking.
  • Thickens hair.
  • Cures athlete’s foot.
  • Restores fingernails.

Medical Research and Properties:


  • Stops fungal infections cuticles.
  • Strengthens fingernails and cuticles by binding to the keratin strands.
  • Promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Restores natural acid-alkaline balance to the scalp.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Anti-fungal.

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